Strategic Planning
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The nature of strategic planning has changed. The world is moving too fast for 5 year plans that take several years to develop. Since 2014, NELLCO has been guided by 6 Strategic Directions, formulated through a careful process of exploration and evaluation about the future of legal information and law libraries. Those directions are:

  • Find Common Ground
  • Incubate Innovation
  • Expand Service
  • Provide Training
  • Broker Expertise
  • Broaden Collaboration

These are our guideposts for decision-making about services, programs, etc.

Prior strategic plans:

2009-2014 plan

2004-2009 plan

2001-2004 plan



NELLCO, an international consortium of law libraries, advances justice through access to global legal information. Together NELLCO libraries collaborate to maximize resources and to support the missions of their institutions. NELLCO members share the risks and rewards of implementing innovative ideas, and capitalize on enduring successes.

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